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NHSEMP - Native Hawaiian Science & Engineering Mentorship Program

NHSEMP Scholars Program


** NHSEMP Undergraduate Scholars Fall 2016 application is now available! **
DEADLINE: September 2, 2016 (Friday, 11:59pm HST)


The Program
The Native Hawaiian Science & Engineering Mentorship Program’s main component is the Scholars Program, held during the academic year. All students who are willing to put in the extra time, effort, and energy into meeting their academic goals can participate in the program in various ways. There is a suite of activities designed to ensure our students maintain successful academic progress towards their STEM degree. Specifically, the Scholars Program focuses on:


Academic Support
Engineering 100 Course• Incoming freshmen students enter into a learning community where they are co-enrolled in their first semester of classes. These learning communities promote group learning, enhance communication skills, and provide a sense of community;
• Tutoring and recitation sessions are offered for gateway courses such as Trigonometry, Calculus I-IV, Chemistry I/II, Physics I-III, Biology, Chemistry, Introduction into Programming, Statics, and Dynamics;
• Advising and student services are offered by the NHSEMP staff;

• Research opportunities and internships are available on-campus, in Hawaii, and abroad.


Financial Support
• Student scholarships and stipends are available on a semester basis;
• Financial advising is offered by the NHSEMP staff and academic partners.


Social Component
Aholehole Project• General meetings are held once a month. Guest speakers (professional engineers and scientists, community leaders, informational speakers) join our students once a month to discuss STEM and leadership opportunities;
• Participation in local and national conferences is strongly recommended. NHSEMP encourages students to take advantage of these opportunities to contribute their skills and knowledge to higher learning;
• Students are offered opportunities to accompany NHSEMP staff to conferences to speak on behalf of their fellow classmates and program members.


Ka Hana No'eau• Participation in student projects is highly encouraged. Student projects are invaluable learning experiences and great opportunities that provide hands-on learning and application of classroom knowledge;
• All students are required to provide mentoring to fellow program members and we ask that sophomore-level students and higher have a professional mentor that can assist them in areas such as academics, internships, professional careers, and networking;
• Community service projects and outreach events help link science and engineering to the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island communities. Student participation in these activities promotes awareness for these local projects and for the STEM disciplines.


Student Eligibility
Preference will be given to students who meet the following requirements:
• Native Hawaiian, Polynesian, Native American, and Alaska Native students and students of an underrepresented population in the STEM disciplines
• Students pursuing a STEM degree
• Full-time undergraduate status (minimum 12 credits)
• Home campus is the University of Hawaii at Manoa (as indicated on your MyUH profile)


Program Application
If you would like more information about the NHSEMP Scholars Program or have questions regarding the application, please feel free to contact us.

~ Fall 2016 Application Deadline: September 2, 2016 (Friday, 11:59pm HST) ~


Program Application & Fact Sheet

NHSEMP Undergraduate Scholars Program
Fall 2016 Undergraduate Application
- Available Soon!

NHSEMP Scholars Program
2014-2015 Brochure


Please direct all questions and comments to:

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Kelli Ching
NHSEMP Director

(808) 956-7945

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